For 40 years the INN has been investing in the the next generation and your financial support plays a vital role. 

Through your generous partnership, we are able to continue sharing the Good News of God's love with college students and young adults, invest in their personal and spiritual growth while equipping them for a long-long call to follow Jesus. 

Your partnership means that you join us as an INN Keeper - helping us provide hospitality to young adults in the name of Jesus at a critical time of life.  It's this hospitality which sets the table for the INN to be a redemptive community of men and women who seek to learn from Jesus and the scriptures he came to fulfill so that together they can follow him into the full life held out by the Gospel.

Over 50% of the INN's regular budget comes from the generous donations of supporters such as yourself. 

Your investment in the INN is an investment in releasing the next generation for redemptive influence in the world!

Thank You! 

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First Presbyterian Church of Bellingham is a 501(c)3 organization.  As a mission of FPC, all donations to the INN Ministries are designated for the INN's exclusive use and tax-deductible.

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